Book 21

Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

You know when you have those really awful days/weeks/months that you just want to bury yourself under the covers and never come out? Yeah.. that was me..

So what do I do when life gets me down? Pick up my all-time-favorite-in-the-universe book. I must have read this book 350 times and it still gives me the security blanket feel – where it envelops me in a warm and lovely cocoon of loveliness and happiness.

It’s a Fantasy novel (book 1 of 10) which centers around a boy named Garion who has a simple and wholesome childhood with his Aunt Pol at a farm in Sendaria. One day, his world is turned upside down and he goes on fantastic adventures.

When I first read the book as a child (30ish years ago), I was awed by all the characters and wonderful places. As an (ugh.. the A word) adult, I realize the story isn’t as epic as what is out these days, but it is still magical and fills me with happiness.

I would always and definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Fantasy (magic predominately) and who needs an easy yet comforting read.

Happy Reading!

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