Book 35

Looking for Alaska by John Green

So this book was picked as part of my works book club (side note: LOVE that my workplace has a book club – that makes me happy inside). I’ve always loved all John Green’s works but this one was a bit slow to get in to.

At first, I was a bit eh about the story line at the start and kinda saw where it was going, although I was still a bit surprised when “it” happened.

After I got to know and love the characters – even Chip but especially Dr Hyde. Through him, I felt heartbreak and grief. I cried and felt the characters hurt as if it were my own.

It left unanswered questions for me but I think it wouldn’t have been as brilliant at the end if the author had tied everything together.

I did end up enjoying it a lot and really look forward to seeing what my coworkers think.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy Reading!

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