Book 38

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

A really enjoyable and easy read.

The book is about Jessie (the main character) moving to Los Angeles from Chicago when her dad remarries not long after the death of her mom. Not long after starting in her new school, she gets an anonymous email from someone (somebody/nobody – who is nicknamed SN) who says they’ll show her the ropes around the school and help her out.

At first, Jessie is wary of such help, but they soon have a firm friendship.

It has a lot of teenage emotions and feelings including trying to fit in with a new family, a new school and try and make new friends. Especially as a teenager when you desperately want to go back to what is comfortable and who and what you know.

It also speaks about the relationship between a father and daughter and how a big moves affects that relationship. Reading this book as an “adult”, I sympathized with Jessie’s dad but I was still very much team Jessie.

The book also talks about what happens when you leave your home – not just to you but to the people around you. Admittedly, I’ve travelled around and have friends in a lot of places around the world and I’ve never thought how they would be impacted. So that was a great eye opener.

It also drops hints and tips about who SN is and I must admit, I thought it was 3 separate people and I was pleasantly surprised to find out who it really was.

I really enjoyed the book and couldn’t wait to get to the end to find out who SN was. I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Happy Reading!

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